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Made in the PNW Holiday Pop Up Shop

Tomorrow we host our very first pop up: The Made in the PNW Holiday Pop Up Shop. As we’ve been prepping every last detail, I’ve been thinking about why we would choose to use our limited emotion and energy resources to put on a holiday shopping event.As I wade through email after email from stores […]

Experiential Marketing for Mira

Here I’ve gathered much of my experience leading the experiential marketing for Mira Fitness. There are so many good stories to tell here – and in time I’ll break out some of these events as their own pages. For now though, I hope you enjoy the lovely details of Mira! Other Categories

Easter Part 1

Hey internet friends! Can you believe Easter is just over a week away? For as much dreaming and planning and manual labor and emotional energy it takes to put easter in Promiseland together, I have been working hardest at trying to stay present. I don’t want to miss Easter. I don’t want to wish it would get here […]

Celebration of Hope: One Church Many Hands

It’s here! Celebration of Hope 2014. A time when all of Willow join together to learn about and serve our global church. This year’s theme is One Church. Many Hands. I can’t begin to tell you what it does in my heart to teach kids that they are part of a huge community of believers and we […]

South Line Table

A Tangible StoryIn 1872, one year after The Chicago Fire, a gathering of companies pulled together to create Chicago’s first elevated train line. Twenty years later in 1892, the first ‘Alley El’ extended from Congress Ave to 39th Street – a distance of 3.2 miles.  The new ‘El’ provided transportation opportunity and connection to jobs that were […]

The Sabbath Table

The Sabbath Table was project I completed for a class here at The Seattle School in my first term last fall. This school encourages students to think wide and wild in the search for connections between theology, culture and psychology – and this project was just that exercise for me. It represents the most creative […]

Making of LaDanse

Crafting The LaDanse award was such an honor. I was given complete and artistic autonomy on the project, and even asked to do something that was a risk. Yes, I risked… a lot.. and I learned some wonderful things along the way. The maple you see in the design is actually solid all the way through. To […]


We’ve seen them all over Pinterest. Nothing could be “cooler” than repurposing a pallet to make a coffee table or headboard. Well this week, I decided to put pallets to kidmin purpose. You would think it would be simple: find a pallet, tear it apart, use the wood to make something new. Not. In. The. City. […]

Auditorium Theatre Audio Install

My largest project to date was an audio redesign of Chicago’s historic Auditorium Theatre. Built in 1881 by Adler and Sulivan, The Auditorium is home to Willow Chicago – A Church for the City – every Sunday. I started working at Willow in 2009 as a Tech Director and the opportunity to lead this project was […]