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A response to Selma

Tonight I experienced an advanced screening of the film Selma. Never before have I felt such a seething anger, my jaw clenched as tears streamed down my face. The emotions I felt from watching innocent men and women beaten and killed compounded with all that I didn’t allow myself to feel at the deaths of Michael […]


Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time on this blog: Mrs. Melissa Dowell!My wedding with Jordan has been by far my favorite environment to co-create. I say co-create because Jordan was in every decision and every build project. He was with me every step of the way. Future grooms, i urge you, do not be passive […]

Etiquette and noticing people

Hello friends! I am now 16 days away from marrying my best friend and I honestly can’t believe how much planning a wedding has taught me. I never knew that dream weddings come with a higher emotional price tag than financial one or that it’s possible to spend a half an hour staring at two different wrapping papers […]

Tearing It Down

The hardest part of building environments for kidmin is that the environment is temporary. You spend weeks dreaming, planning, creating, and building only to turn around and take it all down again. You give everything you have to create a beautiful space and then you have to deconstruct it and decide what gets stored and […]