Made in the PNW Holiday Pop Up Shop

Made in the PNW Holiday Pop Up Shop

Tomorrow we host our very first pop up: The Made in the PNW Holiday Pop Up Shop. As we’ve been prepping every last detail, I’ve been thinking about why we would choose to use our limited emotion and energy resources to put on a holiday shopping event.

As I wade through email after email from stores that I love, all beckoning me to spend my holiday dollars with them, convincing me that they indeed have the perfect gifts for all my loved ones, I think about the experience we’re creating with our own little holiday pop up shop. How do we stand out from all the other holiday events in the city? How do we encourage people to trek downtown and spend their money on our vendors? Is it really all about that?

But then I think about why I love event design; why I love watching documentaries on the Met Gala in all its extravagance and exclusivity and why I put myself through the toil of organizing every piece of information. This event is an opportunity to call people out of the rush, out of the madness, out of the everyday. It’s an opportunity to invite people to pause, to consider the beauty that’s all around them, to breathe, to cheers, to celebrate the creativity of the Pacific Northwest. This is not a “get it before it’s gone, only on sale today, doorbuster blockbuster brainbuster savings” kind of shopping experience. This is a “welcome, have a drink, sit and listen, dance and smile, Wow! You made that?! Here?!” kind of shopping experience.

Our vendors are truly incredible. They are risk-takers, sharing the work of their hands and their hearts with the public. They are choosing to create their own unique career path. No one told them they had to do it. To create an opportunity for these artists to share their talents is a true gift to me.

So tonight we assemble. We light. We hang. We organize and reorganize one last time. So tomorrow can be all magic. Won’t you join us?

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