Easter Part 1

Hey internet friends! Can you believe Easter is just over a week away?

For as much dreaming and planning and manual labor and emotional energy it takes to put easter in Promiseland together, I have been working hardest at trying to stay present. I don't want to miss Easter. I don't want to wish it would get here and get gone already.

I'm so excited for the Easter Promiseland design and the opportunity to collaborate with the larger willow chicago design. I love how we were intentional to create a design that is just right for the city and just right for every kid in Promiseland. (oh man, i'm starting to sound like amy, which...is no terrible thing) Easter tends to show up looking frilly and flowery and girly, and while I love all those things, it doesn't invite every kid to celebrate and engage in what Easter is really all about.

So I've set up a projector, grabbed my cordless drill, and injured myself only a little in creating an exciting and engaging space for kids and families on Easter. More to come soon!

What are some ways you stay present in the busyness of the Easter season?

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