Celebration of Hope: One Church Many Hands

It's here! Celebration of Hope 2014. A time when all of Willow join together to learn about and serve our global church. This year's theme is One Church. Many Hands. I can't begin to tell you what it does in my heart to teach kids that they are part of a huge community of believers and we can do a lot of good with our many hands.

Here in Promiseland, we're learning about our church partner in El Salvador. And what better way to learn about El Salvador than to turn the Promiseland room into El Salvador?!


Remember all those pallets? Well here they are, serving as the backdrop to our El Salvador stage. We also hung umbrellas in the ceiling recreating a photo we found of a village in El Salvador:



The kids had a blast worshipping God by playing their homemade instruments to latin versions of their favorite worship songs. It was almost enough to make us forget it was snowing outside....again.......in March... oh Chicago.

questions about the project? leave it in the comments!


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