We've seen them all over Pinterest. Nothing could be "cooler" than repurposing a pallet to make a coffee table or headboard.

Well this week, I decided to put pallets to kidmin purpose. You would think it would be simple: find a pallet, tear it apart, use the wood to make something new. Not. In. The. City.

Jordan and I started by using Google Earth to find a junkyard full of pallets that he had seen once while driving down the highway. No contact info. No address. We drove over to find a place called "we buy pallets." The kind gents there sold us 10 pallets for $3 a piece and then laughed at us when we informed them that we had no truck but intended to break them down and put the wood in the trunk of my car.

Pallets are not built to be pulled apart. They're sturdy, rustic, and unyielding. Our only option was to strap 10 pallets to the roof of my Honda Civic. We definitely got looks as we drove through downtown Chicago.



Once we unloaded the pallets at the MC and made a quick home depot run, we built the frame for our pallet wall...


ripped the pallets apart...


and began attaching the boards to the frame.



What will the wall be used for and how does this relate to kidmin, you ask? Check in next week!

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